3D Reservoir Model

EMR uses an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate available data and utilizes it for comprehensive reservoir characterization and engineering analysis.

Here, we are able to use Well Depth normalization to correct initial Fluid contacts, while the flow units concept was tested and found to resolve the historical and spatial fluid distribution puzzles.

Based on our expertise in the field of seismic interpretation and petrophysical analysis, in addition to our expert knowledge of geological modeling and reservoir Characterization, EMR has the ability to integrate all subsurface data to build a representative 3D reservoir model. Detailed analysis of available data leaves our clients with a better understanding of their asset and a more workable field development plan.

Material Balance Analysis

Material Balance AnalysisMaterial balance Analysis is one of the techniques we use to evaluate reservoir production performance. We use the traditional approach which gives detailed analysis of fluid behavior in the reservoir with time. Our deliverables, which include volumetric estimation of hydrocarbon in place, Reserves evaluation and determination of predominant drive mechanism, has helped our clients in optimizing production.


Production Performance Analysis / Well Production Performance (Production Technology)Production Performance AnalysisWell Production Performance

Is your Well healthy? Is your well sick?

Well performance analysis helps to find answers to the following questions. Our team of engineers have a broad experience in analyzing production data with a view to determining a well’s deliverability in order to enhance its performance.

At EMR, we have the ability to analyze well performance bearing in mind that Inflow Performance and Flow in tubing can be characterized as a function of flow rate. We have carried out series of projects where we designed well completion, predicting oil and gas production rates and also designed artificial lift methods when required in new or producing wells thereby optimizing production for our clients.

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