Field development planning and cost estimation
This workshop is aimed at providing the participants with the knowledge on how to learn full lifecycle cost estimation of CAPEX, OPEX, decommissioning and bottom up estimation. Estimates of up-to-date; twice yearly cost data updates and regional cost data with global coverage. We will guide you through the field and development process for simple, easy to follow data entry and sensible defaults throughout. There is an intense learning on how to provide the preliminary sizing for all facilities i.e. from wells to processing and export as well as flexibility to change design parameters. Lastly, learning on how to produce management reports, for example, print formatted report and export to excel and so on. All these key benefits will be explained in details below:
Cost databases
We train people to become cost analysts that will be able to research costs throughout the year to provide twice yearly database updates. They will be able to present on a regional basis the cost data and make it fully accessible and editable. Even when creating a project, they will combine these regional databases to match their procurement assumptions.
All of this provides them with the confidence that their estimates are based on reliable, up-to-date costs.
Facilities design
We help train in sizing all of the required facilities for your field development. It provides the freedom to adjust each aspect of the development, giving you confidence in the estimates produced.

Field development guidance
This program is designed to guide you through the field development process, you will be able to select sensible defaults and norms along the way, and that will be your starting point to pave way.

Field properties
This short program is designed to define the properties of your prospect as follows:
• Recoverable reserves
• Oil and gas properties
• Production rates and profiles
• Design rates for facilities

Field development concepts
We ensure that the training provided here will help you to select and adjust your field development concept, with the CAPEX estimate automatically updating
• Shallow water, deep water and onshore concepts
• Well drilling and gathering networks
• Processing facilities
• Storage requirements
• Infield and export pipelines

Engineer your facilities
With the training provided on this course you will be able to make sensible facilities assumptions in each component. The bottom-up methodology allows you to understand and adjust the facilities’ design.
• Shortcut sizing methods and norms
• Clear, bottom-up methodology.

Estimate the CAPEX
With the training we give here there is assurance of you being able to keep in line the CAPEX estimate of the project with each change you make to it and that the unit rate for each item can be edited.
• Clear, bottom-up methodology.
• Fully editable cost.

Schedule the CAPEX
We conduct an intensive training and at the end you will be able to schedule the project activities you want to work on with a flexible Gantt chart. You will also be able to phase project activities and adjust the distribution of costs.

Calculate the OPEX
At the end of this training you will get to know how to do the following:
Bottom-up algorithms based on operating requirements for the field
• Personnel, inspection and maintenance
• Well workover
• Logistics and consumables
• Tariffs

Calculate the decommissioning liability
With the help of our trainees all participants will be able to learn to do at least “Limited bottom-up costing for decommissioning the field”.
• Percentage based cost used where bottom-up algorithms aren’t available.

QUE$TOR Offshore
This particular course is really helpful and will enhance the productivity of our participants to cover design and costing of upstream oil and gas developments, for both shallow and deep water.
• Dry and wet tree based systems
• Subsea gathering systems and risers
• Fixed and floating structures
• Surface processing facilities
• Offshore storage and export pipelines

QUE$TOR Onshore
We train people to be efficient in to be able to cover design and costing of upstream oil and gas developments.
• Drilling of wells
• Gathering networks
• Processing facilities
• Storage and export terminals
• Infield and export pipelines

QUE$TOR LNG Regasification
This program covers the design and cost estimation of onshore regasification facilities.
• Marine facilities – jetties, dredging, breakwaters
• LNG storage
• Calorific value control
• Vaporization facilities
• Export pipelines


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