We have developed tremendous experience mapping the Niger - Delta sedimentary basin . The environment   ranges from onshore to ultra deep water . EMR brings our wealth of knowledge in seismic data acquisition and processing as well as regional geological knowledge to bear in seismic interpretation. This helps our clients achieve a robust definition of structure and stratigraphy.

EMR develops technically sound geological models that will greatly enhance the understanding of your reservoirs. Leading software packages are utilized to tailor the workflow to your needs in order to optimize production.

Sequence Stratigraphy

Sequence StratigraphyWe have skills and experience in Sequence Stratigraphy, which help to identify and characterise plays, leads and prospects. In addition, we’re able to develop models which answer geological questions that lead to finding oil in unconventional traps. Our experience in onshore and offshore Niger-Delta and the inland basins (Anambra etc) makes EMR your best bet if you’re doing basin analysis for acreage acquisition or you are involved in licence evaluation etc.




EMR provides shore-based and wellsite based services. The shore-based analysis utilizes Palynology, Calcareous Nannofossils and Foraminifera analysis.
Wellsite biostratigraphic analysis provides high resolution biostratigraphy at the site of drilling. This helps in making important operational decisions while drilling.
The integration of all data with geological and geophysical information provides calibration for ensuring the accuracy of the age and depositional environment determination and characterization.

Our broad experience in frontier areas help our clients achieve quality results in good time.



Facie AnalysisFacie Analysis

We integrate well log and seismic data to help our clients develop critical input for static modelling.



Petroleum Systems Analysis and Basin modeling

We perform specialist petroleum systems analysis and basin modeling: which includes understanding heat flow controls and processes through time; assessment of source rock distribution, quantity and quality; kerogen type variability and its control on petroleum generation.

 Analysis also include fluid composition determination; migration and entrapment of petroleum in the subsurface; pore pressure prediction and ‘Golden Zone’ studies at prospect or regional scale.

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